The Arts Society Mayford (formerly Mayford DFAS) is a large society of more than 400 members. We have a wide-ranging programme of activities; you can be involved in as many or as few as you like. Monthly lectures are given by erudite and entertaining speakers who are experts in their fields. As we meet in a cinema, their pictures can look stunning. The lectures are an hour long, starting at 10.30. Beforehand, we meet for coffee and a chat, to find out about other events and to make bookings.

Special Interest Days offer a chance for more in-depth study of a particular topic. They usually involve illustrated lectures morning and afternoon (or perhaps a ‘road show’), with breaks for coffee and an excellent light lunch.

Members have the opportunity to join in visits, normally by coach, to places of interest such as galleries, museums, stately homes and other buildings of architectural or historic significance. We try to offer something different, such as a less well-known venue or a special guided tour. Each year, usually in May, about 30 members go on an extended visit of about 5 days, either in Britain or abroad.

In the local community, The Arts Society Mayford members are active as Heritage volunteers, mainly at The Lightbox, and as Church Recorders. Our Young Arts initiative promotes and supports specific arts projects in local schools. The Arts Society Mayford is part of the West Surrey Area of The Arts Society, which occasionally organizes additional events. To find out more about any of these activities click on the relevant heading.