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13 February 2020A Brief Story of Wine
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12 November 2020Architecture, History and Material Culture of Moorish Spain
10 December 2020The Christmas Story in Renaissance Art

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A Brief Story of Wine David Wright Thursday 13 February 2020

Wine, an essential ingredient for contented life, a role it has played for thousands of years! 

Wine has been part of our global society for over 7,000 years and the story tells of its origin and appearance in all societies across the Mediterranean and throughout Europe. There is rich evidence of the role wine has played in these societies and how it became an important component of faith, well being and festivity. From the kwevris of Georgia in 5,000 B.C., the symposia in ancient Greece, the thermopolia of Pompeii, the hospices of Europe, to the dining tables of fine society, wine has been ever present. Drawings, paintings, engravings, buildings, pottery and wine labels themselves, all contribute to the story. 

David has been a wine retailer, importer and distributor of wines for 30 years. In that time, he has publicly presented tastings and talks on wine to trade and private audiences. These have taken the form of wine ‘tastings’ or charity events where a particular subject is presented and wines tasted. He has developed a talk, A Brief Story of Wine, a great subject, and full of rich evidence, going back 7,000 years, in the form of paintings, decorated drinking vessels, buildings and literature.