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09 April 2020The Glamour Years: Jewellery and Fashion 1929-1959
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11 June 2020Eric Gill: the Young Years
09 July 2020Still Loving Still Life: Caterpillars, Skulls, Lemons & Lobsters and Dutch Still Life 1560-1650
10 September 2020Wonderful Things! Tanis: Egyptian Treasures
08 October 2020Australian Painters
12 November 2020Architecture, History and Material Culture of Moorish Spain
10 December 2020The Christmas Story in Renaissance Art

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The Glamour Years: Jewellery and Fashion 1929-1959 Andrew Prince Thursday 09 April 2020

How the rise of Hollywood had such an important impact on fashion and jewellery design.

In this talk, Andrew shows how the rise of Hollywood had such an important impact on fashion and jewellery design. From the likes of Dietrich to Grace Kelly, he guides us through the various screen goddesses, how they were portrayed and what they wore to such dazzling effect. He discusses and shows the development of advertising, labour saving devices and leisure time. People had more opportunities to enjoy themselves and spend money on the finer things of life. As well as how political events influenced design and what was worn. He also shows that the Belle Époque and Art Deco styles did not end with the outbreak of WW2, but combined to flower again with Christian Dior’s ‘New Look’. 

Andrew is a respected jewellery craftsman, historian and lecturer. He has had a passion for jewellery all his life; perhaps traced back to when he swallowed his mother’s pearl earring aged 3! He has made pieces for Versace, Harrods, celebrities, films and TV productions. He now enjoys lecturing all over the world  museums, auction houses, art colleges and The Arts Society.