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12 December 2019Food, Art & History
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12 November 2020Architecture, History and Material Culture of Moorish Spain
10 December 2020The Christmas Story in Renaissance Art

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Food, Art & History Tasha Marks Thursday 12 December 2019

This lecture explores the relationship between food and art. With a practice heavily influenced by history, Tasha has diverse culinary interests ranging from 16th century cabinets of curiosity to 1930s medicinal cookery: “The foundations of my ideas come from history but I always try to mix them with a contemporary twist. Confectionery is one of my great passions as it is truly timeless: nostalgia and novelty are powerful tools when used in an artistic context.” Vanity Fair calls AVM Curiosities ‘London at its crazy-best’, while London store Sick-Note describe Tasha’s work as ‘the love child of Leonardo da Vinci, Willy Wonka and Ferran Adria.’ Previous patrons have included the Royal Academy of Arts, Victoria & Albert Museum, The National Gallery and The British Museum - each of these projects eventuating in a unique and sensory art experience.

Tasha Marks is an award-winning food historian and artist who explores the relationship between food, art and history. Her practice, AVM Curiosities, champions the use of food as an artistic medium.