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09 January 2020As Good as Gold: a Special Lecture in Celebration of The Arts Society's Golden Anniversary
12 December 2019Food, Art & History
14 November 2019The Origins of our English Christmas: An Exploration in Words and Music
10 October 2019Secret Art in Passports: How We Use it to Fox the Forgers
12 September 2019From Garbo to Garland: The Magic of Hollywood
11 July 2019Leonardo da Vinci 1442-1519: The Mind, the Body and the Universe
13 June 2019The Art of the Steal: Nazi Looting in WW2
09 May 2019Going Potty about Commodes
11 April 2019Country Houses: Hardwick Hall and Chatsworth
14 March 2019The Restoration and After: Boobs, Bombast and Gin
14 February 2019The Treasures of Far Cathay
10 January 2019The Wind in the Willows REVISITED Through its Illustrators
13 December 2018Father Frost and the Old New Year: Christmas Traditions in Russia
08 November 2018The Great Poster War 1914 – 18
11 October 2018Holbein in England. NB Change of programme.
13 September 2018The Dollar Princesses
12 July 2018The Borgias: The Most Infamous Family in History
14 June 2018Giles: His Life, Times and Cartoons
10 May 2018Art UK: Uncovering the Nation’s Hidden Oil Painting Collection
12 April 2018The History of Jewellery from Elizabeth 1 to Elizabeth Taylor
08 March 2018The Gilded Stage: A Social and Cultural History of Opera
08 February 2018The Life and Times of Antonio Canaletto
11 January 2018Making a Stand: Sporting Architecture - List it or Lose it
14 December 2017Unwrapping the Christmas Story: Paintings, Prose and Poetry
09 November 2017Pots and Frocks: The World of Grayson Perry, Britain’s Favourite Transvestite
12 October 2017Lost on the Titanic: The Story of the Great Omar Binding
14 September 2017Emperor Qianlong (1735-1796) – ‘Ultimate Renaissance Ruler and Fine Art Collector’
13 July 2017Millennium Museum Renovations by Rick Mather: Bringing Light and Space to Dulwich, the Wallace Collection and Ashmolean
08 June 2017Petra: Caravan City of the Ancient Arabs
11 May 2017Sticky Tape, Moths and Men – the problems they cause and the remedies I use
13 April 2017Inspired by Stonehenge
09 March 2017From Vikings to Romanovs: Early Russian Art and Architecture
09 February 2017Paula Rego: Painting Women on the Edge and Telling Tales of the Unexpected
12 January 2017Turbulence and Stillness: The Art of Rogier van der Weyden
08 December 2016Is Christmas in Good Taste?
10 November 2016Inspiration: Artists and their Muses
13 October 2016Taking the Lead: British Glass 1600-1900
08 September 2016The Art of the Kimono: Japanese Signs, Symbols & Stories
14 July 2016Beneath the City Streets – London’s Unseen History
09 June 2016Velazquez: the Great Magician of Art
12 May 2016Mother Nature’s Second Husband: Lancelot Brown and the Shaping of the English landscape
14 April 2016The Fascinating World of Playing Cards
10 March 2016The Wilton Diptych Enigma
11 February 2016The Arts and Crafts Movement in Britain
14 January 2016Medieval Illuminated Books of Hours
10 December 2015Mrs Beeton’s Christmas
12 November 2015Painting Around Australia: The Voyage of HMS Investigator 1801-1803
08 October 2015Inn Signia: the Artwork and Stories behind Peculiar Pub Names
10 September 2015Art and the Napoleonic Wars
09 July 2015Tribal Rugs: Treasures of the Black Tent
11 June 2015The Other Side: Germany’s Post-WW2 Culture of Memorials and Counter Memorials
14 May 2015A Royal Rescue: Dumfries House Saved and Revealed
09 April 2015Thomas Heatherwick –‘The Leonardo da Vinci of our times’ (Sir Terence Conran)
12 March 2015‘Facing up to Goya’ – Portraits by Goya
12 February 2015Jewellery as an Art Form: 1960-2010
08 January 2015‘Pictures of Nothing’: Late Turner
11 December 2014St Nicholas of Myra or Santa Claus - a case of mistaken identity?
13 November 2014The War to End all Wars - the Art of WWI
09 October 2014Islamic Art: Exploring the Decorative Arts of the Islamic World
11 September 2014Continuity and Tradition in Western Sculpture
10 July 2014The Frome Hoard
12 June 2014L. S. Lowry - a Visionary Artist
08 May 2014Photography as Fine Art
10 April 2014Dresden Today - Art and Architecture
13 March 2014Renoir during the 1890s: the Search for a Classical Idyll
13 February 2014Imperial Purple to Denim Blue: the Colourful History of Textiles
09 January 2014William Hogarth
12 December 2013Christmas at Covent garden: 300 years of Christmas shows at one of London's greatest theatres
14 November 2013Life and Times of the Sundial
10 October 2013The World of Graham Sutherland and John Piper
12 September 2013Basingstoke and its Contribution to World Culture
11 July 2013Art and Illusion: Picture puzzles from Mesopotamia to Magritte
13 June 2013Posters of the Belle Epoque: the Great Age of the Poster
09 May 2013Charles Saatchi - a Modern Medici?
11 April 2013The Hazards of the Journey: Pilgrimage and Travel in the Middle Ages
14 March 2013The Cavendishes of Chatsworth and Hardwick Hall
14 February 2013Rene Lalique: Master of Art Nouveau Jewellery and Art Deco Glass
10 January 2013The Genius of Antonio Stradivari
13 December 2012Cooking for Kings: the Life and Career of Antonin Careme
08 November 2012Wonder Workers and the Art of Illusion (The History of Magic through Art and Pictures)
11 October 2012Pre-Raphaelite Art in the V&A Museum
13 September 2012Dickens and Art
12 July 2012London's Changing Skyline: Past, Present and Future
14 June 2012The Miseroni Family, Lapidary Artists of Milan and Prague.
10 May 2012Kingdom in the Sun: Medieval Sicily
12 April 2012David Hockney:'The Old Master of Modern Art'
08 March 2012Fakes and Forgeries: the Art of Deception
09 February 2012The Olympic Games: Chariots of Fire
12 January 2012Norman Rockwell...a Storyteller with a Brush
08 December 2011From Frozen Forests to Reindeer: Gems from Life
10 November 2011Masters of the Sea: Highlights of Maritime Art from the 17th Century to the Present Day
13 October 2011The Current Restoration of Canterbury Cathedral
08 September 2011From Riches to Rags: the Huguenots of Spitalfields
14 July 2011AGM then The Maya Heritage: Ancient and Modern Maya Culture
09 June 2011Meet me at the Waldorf: The extraordinary story of two iconic hotels built on Astor feuds, fortunes and art patronage
12 May 2011The Other Whistler: Rex (1905-1944), gifted artist and designer
14 April 2011Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves: the Representation of the Working Classes in Art
10 March 2011Fresco Paintings of Minoan Crete
10 February 2011Emma Hamilton: Scandal, Celebrity and Art in 18th Century Britain
13 January 2011Banks, Burgundy and Piracy: the 15th Century Artists of Bruges
09 December 2010A Christmas Pie:The evolution of Christmas customs and folklore down the ages (with recorded music)
11 November 2010Neo-Classical Furniture: Adam, Hepplewhite and Sheraton
14 October 2010A British Obsession - British Sporting Painters through the Centuries
09 September 2010The Great Twelve: An Introduction to the Senior Livery Companies of the City of London
08 July 2010AGM then An Ideal Partnership - Lutyens and Jekyll
10 June 2010Pearls Before Swine? The Long History of a Royal Necklace
13 May 2010From Degas to Hockney: Artists as Photographers, Painters Who Took Photographs
08 April 2010A Celebration of the Seasons in Art, Poetry and Music
11 March 2010Crowns and Chalices - The Art of the Medieval Goldsmith
11 February 2010Botticelli’s Florence
14 January 2010The Splendours of North Africa: Roman and Islamic Art of Libya, Tunisia and Morocco

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As Good as Gold: a Special Lecture in Celebration of The Arts Society's Golden Anniversary Alexandra Epps Thursday 09 January 2020

Experience the story of gold and its significance and symbolism - all that glitters is certainly gold…

Experience the story of gold and its significance and symbolism within the history of art - as the colour of the sun; the colour of divinity; the colour of status and the colour of love. From creations ancient and contemporary, sacred and profane - all that glitters is certainly gold… 

Alexandra is an Official Guide and Lecturer at Tate Modern, Tate Britain, The Guildhall Art Gallery and Pallant House Gallery. She is a Lecturer and qualified Guide to the City of London, offering lectures and walks about many aspects of the Arts for societies, corporations and private individuals. Alexandra is also a member of the City of London Guide Lecturers Association and co-author of the book Lord Mayors’ Portraits 1983-2014(2015). Alexandra’s background, BA Saint Martin’s School of Art, MA London College of Printing, is in design, having practised as a graphic designer running her own design consultancy for many years.